New: FreedomPACS Diagnostic Viewer for Secure Radiology Use

Now you can harness the cross-platform power of the FreedomPACS Diagnostic Viewer as a stand-alone product. The Diagnostic viewer offers radiology image viewing and and secure image sharing in a secure web-based environment.


  • Cost-Effective Diagnostic DICOM viewer with ROI measurement tools
  • Protected with HIPAA compliant encryption and security; FDA Certified
  • Unlimited diagnostic viewing—on mobile devices too (Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad & Android)
  • Physician/Radiology interaction—improves productivity of clinical workflow
  • Interactive communication expeditespatient diagnosis and treatment

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You’re Invited: Video Overview of FreedomPACS Diagnostic Web Viewer

You can now watch a new screencast overview of the FreedomPACS Diagnostic Web Viewer. The brief video tutorial takes viewers on a quick, visual tour through the main features and tools available in the FreedomPACS radiology viewer.

The viewer, which works on Windows, Mac, iPad and Android platforms, uses DICOM standards and enables custom layouts of radiology image series. This diagnostic tool is available with FreedomPACS or FreedomPACS Cloud.

Additional video tutorials are in development to cover each of the FreedomPACS Viewer sections, buttons, and capabilities in more detail.

Learn more: Contact us to check out the FreedomPACS Viewer Video Overview.

FreedomPACS Donates Eizo Monitor to TORCH Foundation Silent Auction

To help support scholarships and stipend opportunities for rural healthcare staff, FreedomPACS is donating a high quality radiology color LCD monitor, the EIZO RadiForce MX240W, to the Texas Organization of Rural & Community Hospitals (TORCH) Foundation. The silent auction bidding will take place during the TORCH Annual Conference on April 18 at the Omni Hotel Dallas in Dallas, TX.

All proceeds from the TORCH Foundation’s Silent Auction will go directly to the TORCH Foundation Scholarship Fund to provide various scholarship and stipend opportunities for rural healthcare staff, including TLMI Healthcare Fellows, as well as for graduate and undergraduate students pursing healthcare-related careers.

The EIZO monitor donated by FreedomPACS is calibration compliant with the DICOM Part 14 standard. It provides superior performance and features a widescreen format with 16:10 aspect ratio provides radiology staff with more horizontal space for tool palettes ($1800 value).Eizo radiforce monitor


  • DICOM Part 14 Compliant
  • Simplified Calibration
  • Brightness Uniformity and Stabilization
  • Mode Selection for Optimum Viewing
  • Handy Partitioning for Widescreen Monitor and Multi-Monitor Environments
  • Backlight Saver with Viewer Application
  • Medical Standards Compliant—meets the strictest medical, safety, and
    EMC emission standards
  • Backlight Saver with Screen Saver
  • Ergonomic Design for Improved Operability and Less Fatigue
  • 5 Year Warranty

Show your support by participating in this worthy cause and supporting rural healthcare. FreedomPACS encourages its fellow TORCH members to bid in the Silent Auction and bid often.

FreedomPACS offers a server- and web-based radiology PACS system, complete with web-based DICOM diagnostic viewer, worklist features and searchable patient center. It also offers FreedomPACS Cloud for secure, HIPAA-compliant off-site storage of radiology studies.

FreedomPACS is also currently offering a drawing for a complete PACs solution with cloud offsite storage and diagnostic web viewer for your facility.

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Enter the FreedomPACS Drawing to Win—Ends April 16


Enter for your chance to win a Complete PACs solution with Cloud offsite storage and Diagnostic Web Viewer for your facility.

A value of $40,000!

FreedomPACS’ radiology PACS solutions increase access with to your digital images. The systems are easy to implement, providing enterprise-wide diagnostic viewing solutions and supporting mobile platforms.

FreedomPACS Cloud offers safe, affordable off-site image storage. Your medical radiology studies are protected, using HIPAA-compliant technology. You can also increase your staff’s productivity as your staff quickly accesses your images.

To achieve powerful, cross-platform image viewing, the FreedomPACS Diagnostic Viewer is included in this winning package.

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Section 179 Tax Benefits Increase in 2013

With the recent approval of the fiscal cliff deal, significant changes have been made to the Section 179 tax deduction for 2013. The deduction limit was scheduled to drop this year; however, large tax savings are still available for your business in 2013.

What is Section 179?

Section 179 of IRS Code allows businesses to deduct, rather than depreciate, the costs of assets acquired for business use as expenses in the year the equipment is purchased. That means instead of deducting the cost of a piece of equipment over a number of years, your business can write off the entire purchase price in the year it is acquired and put into service.

The Section 179 tax deduction in 2013 allows companies to deduct up to $500,000 worth of equipment purchased for business use. Also available is a bonus depreciation that allows businesses to take a deduction for equipment purchases beyond the amount allowed under Section 179. This bonus depreciation is set at 50%, with a maximum combined deduction of $2,000,000.

This tax deduction increase is great news for business owners. In 2012, the tax deduction limit was set at $139,000 and was actually scheduled to drop to $25,000 in 2013. There is no better time for you to acquire equipment for your business.

Equipment that qualifies for the Section 179 deduction includes:

  • Computers
  • Computer software
  • Equipment purchased for business use
  • Office equipment and furniture

Learn more about Section 179.



Not every business will receive the same benefits from the Section 179 deduction and bonus depreciation. It is important to consult with your tax advisor because every business has its own unique financial situation.

TORCH Partnership in Action: FreedomPACS™ Helps Winkler County Memorial Hospital Improve Services and Reduce Costs

Through the Texas Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals (TORCH), health care facilities and service providers can come together for mutual advantage. A recent case study illustrates the effective business partnership between two TORCH members, Winkler County Memorial Hospital (WCMH) in Kermit, Texas, and MN Systems, creators of FreedomPACS, radiology PACS and off-site storage solutions.

When WCMH, a 19-bed facility, started using FreedomPACS on-site server, diagnostic viewer and remote image storage, the hospital was able to reliably and securely access, share, and store its radiology studies.

The hospital is also seeing significant financial benefits: gaining an estimated 75% in savings on its off-site image storage through FreedomPACS Cloud.

Before FreedomPACS, the county hospital did not have its own picture archiving and communications system (PACS) for its CT, ultrasound and X-rays; instead they were networked into another hospitals’ system and experienced frequent downtime.

FreedomPACS is a lot faster than our previous system. It’s saving a lot of time for our physicians. Now, our images are onsite and easily accessible,” said Jose Mancha, WCMH director of radiology.

“And, access to our archived images in the cloud is much more effective and affordable than the off-site storage we had previously,” Mancha said.

MN Systems’ FreedomPACS helps WCMH offer the best possible care to the 4,500-plus people who seek emergency help there each year.

Like WCMH, put FreedomPACS cost-effective radiology solutions to the test. To learn more, read the full case study online and contact MN Systems at 855-740-1130, or

Visualizing Radiology PACS and Cloud Storage

FreedomPACS recently developed a graphic to help explain how radiology Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) interface with off-site storage in the cloud.

Healthcare providers are faced with complex HIPAA security standards for patient record storage and retrieval. HIPAA regulations require healthcare providers to have an off-site, daily data backup (encrypted for privacy) and a contingency plan to meet the mandated administrative procedures. Cloud storage, like FreedomPACS Cloud, enables facilities and practices to offload the burden of security and privacy requirements, which also having access to radiology studies and images from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection.

The graphic maps the process and workflow involving referring physicians, specialists, imaging centers, radiologists, and EMR, HIS, and PM systems.


New Case Study: On-Site PACS and Cloud Storage Help County Hospital Improve Patient Care & Save 75%

FreedomPACS recently released a new case study about how on-site PACS and cloud medical image storage has benefited Winkler County Memorial Hospital (WCMH). Each year, more than 4,500 people rush to WCMH for emergency medical help. The case study tells the story of how the 19-bed hospital in Winkler, Texas, has solved reliability issues with its previous PACS and saved time with FreedomPACS Server edition and cross-platform diagnostic viewer. In addition, the hospital has reaped large savings in medical image storage through FreedomPACS Cloud.

Read the case study to find out more about how Winkler County Memorial Hospital physicians and medical staff are easily accessing and sharing X-ray, CT, and ultrasound images for timely radiology results and diagnosis.


Check out our FreedomPACS Cloud ad in the TORCH Rural Matters magazine

FreedomPACS is supporting the new magazine by TORCH, Rural Matters, by advertising in its Fall 2012 issue. Check out our ad and let us know what you think!

Rural Matters is a premiere source for in-depth rural health articles and information; the quarterly magazine reaches over 1,400 leaders in Texas healthcare. FreedomPACS looks forward to working with rural and community hospital members as well as the communities they serve to improve patient care and increase efficiency for radiology imaging technology, processes, and off-site storage.

FreedomPACS ad in Rural Matters, a magazine by TORCH

FreedomPACS Cloud Provides HIPAA-Compliant Remote Storage for Medical Images—$1 per Study

FreedomPACS Radiology PACS graphicFreedomPACS™ Cloud, our affordable and secure off-site storage solution for medical images, is now available for just $1 per study. You can safely store images in the cloud, view them on the FreedomPACS’ diagnostic viewer accessory and easily share studies with physicians and patients. You can also view your images on your iPad or Android mobile device as well as on PC and Mac computers—all without the hassle of back-up tapes and expensive IT technicians.

Your images will also be protected with HIPAA-compliant security and redundant back-ups in case of disaster. FreedomPACS Cloud also offers unlimited diagnostic viewing, unlimited burning to CD/DVD, and unlimited sharing with other physicians and facilities. FreedomPACS Cloud uses DICOM standards and works with other PACS or HIS systems.

With FreedomPACS Cloud, TORCH members can be empowered with secure, fast access to radiology images, increasing productivity and patient care.

▪    Unlimited diagnostic viewing on desktop or mobile devices

▪    View images instantly on Windows, Macs, iPads, and Android devices

▪    No VPNs or expensive hardware

▪    HIPAA compliant encryption and security

To find out more about how to access FreedomPACS Cloud for $1 per study, contact MN Systems at 855-740-1130 or MN Systems also offers a full PACS system and Dragon Medical Practice speech recognition software integration for your HIE and EHR efforts.